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Re: Hardware question (urgent)

On Tue, 28 Nov 2000 mike@cluon.priv.at wrote:

> if i had the choice, i'd go for the HW RAID. SW RAID is certainly possible,
> and it's cheap. but when you look at the administrative overhead, it's just
> not worth it.
The salesman told us about the advantage of software RAID if (and only if
as he wanted to make us believe) you are using Solaris.  You could finetune
buffers and blocksizes and gain performance for certain applications.  On
the other hand I don't believe that I would find the time to do this
finetuning ...

> i guess that they offered you a T3. this is a decent piece of
> HW, and it's supported by linux. and you can always run LVM on top of the
> HW RAID for partitioning.
No.  From his (German!) offer:
   SG-XARY150A-72G StorEdge A1000
     - 4x 18.2GB/10k UPM USCSI Harddisks
     - 1x HW_RAID Controller with 24MB Cache
     - 2x Power supply
     - 2x Differential SCSI to Host Port
     - RAID Manager V6.22 for Solaris
It was priced 32.670 DM.  (For comparison the price for the E250 was
48.550 DM.)

> that's true. apt-get for solaris would be _great_. anyone up to create
> Debian GNU/Solaris? some binary only packages for the base and assorted
> tools, the rest freeware tools. and all bound together by apt-get.
Ich I'm not completely wrong there is Debian GNU/Solaris, Debian GNU/HPUX
and Debian GNU/Win32 - which is *REALLY* great (I mean all of them are

Kind regards 


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