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Re: Help installing on and old SPARC 5

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, graziano wrote:

> I'm trying to install debian on an old sparc 5. The HD is in need of at 


> I get to the boot prompt. I tried the "s" option (for SCSI cdrom) and 
> the kernel boot, but it cannot mount the root filesystem.

...[many posts discussing possible cdrom issues]...

> I'm fairly experienced with x86 debian installation, but this is my 
> first sparc. Any suggestion on what to do?
Magic thing about sparcs: you can TFTP boot them without a cdrom or floppy --
you just need another running machine that will ARP/RARP. I use this to boot
all sparcs for installation (been doing it for a while now).

The initial instructions I followed to get it working (it's pretty
straightforward) I found in Hugo van der Kooij's (hope i got that right)
SPARCBook FAQ, on sunhelp.org.

You can install everything *everything* via TFTP. It's beautiful. Yet to see a
sparc with a dead NIC :)


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