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RE: mp3's on SPARC LX - Debian 2.2...

Actually what I'm trying to do is shift the output from the internal speaker
to line-out.  In NetBSD I user mixerctl to do that but I can't find a way to
do it in Debian from the command line.  The -oh/-ol switches on mpg123 don't
work.  audioctl doesn't seem to have an option for it.  Am I stuck here
without running X?  I'm running "headless" so I don't know what my options

Any other ideas?

BTW - Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!


Mike Hebel

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* Mike Hebel <druaga@pmail.net> [001109 07:29]:
> Does anyone out there have mixerctl ported to Debian?  I looked for it on
> the searchable package database on www.debian.org and on ftp.us.debian.org
> but didn't see it anywhere.
> I tried using aumix instead but it doesn't seem to want to work.  (Either
> outputs a bunch of blank lines and an error message or it does things like
> not listing the settings for anything on any channel.  I think it might
> work properly with the DBRI mixer but that's just my Debian newbie guess.)
> Any ideas?

"audioctl" is your best bet, to be honest.  It's command-line based and
kinda cryptic, but it's geared specifically at the SPARC audio
subsystem.  Basically, if you can't configure it there, I don't think
you can configure it anywhere. :)

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