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Re: sunlance.c - network driver for sun4m

> > or is there any other solutions how can i start it over the network?
> Hmm,
> Sounds like your from intel land, 

yep... a _greenhorn_ on sun boxes!

>sun computers can net boot from their
> boot prom, you don't need to compile the sunlance driver seperately it
> should be in the standard kernel once you boot it.
> Get onto the www.ultralinux.org web site and look at the frequently ask
> questions.

the faq's are good. but doesn't solve my problem. i'm able to boot my
box with the tftpboot.img (installation image) file from debian. but
after the installation on a nfs root i changed the link to the new
installed boot image "vmlinuz". but sun tells me after downloading the

	The file just loaded does not appear to be executable.

i saw a faq something silimar to that but it not the same.

and an other faq tells that i have to convert an elf kernel to aout with
the elf2aout tool. but the tool tells me that it is not an elf file.

what i am doing wrong? any idea??

ps: why i asked for burning the network rom was i wasn't able to boot
only with bootp and tftp. i always additional need to use rarp and arp.

alias m.nine.six.

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