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Re: Hardware question (urgent)

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  Salesman in Germany who supports linux
I don't know the german market. But I do know that my distributor
have a presence in germany. Maybe you can call them and see if they
have a partner who can solve your need.

                Digital Network Services Deutschland GmbH
                Adresse         Industriestrasse 10 a
                                82256 Fürstenfeldbruck 
                Telefon         +49 8141 3536 0
                Telefax         +49 8141 3536 897
                Internet        http://www.dns-gmbh.de
                E-Mail          info@dns-gmbh.de

You can also call Sun Germany, and ask them if they have a suitable

  Boot manager
You can use std. sun boot loader or silo to boot solaris.
You can use silo to boot linux.
You can use std. sun boot loader to load silo from a linux partition
 and then boot linux

Disk space is not usually a problem, though disk slot space is.
E.g. Seagate sells 70GB scsi disks, but you can only have six disks in
the chassi.

To my knowledge (I have not worked firsthand with raid) there are three
kind of raid out there:

  software raid
  raid with a raid card
  "hw" raid

In software raid the os uses its own partitions so the should not be
any conflickt having both linux and solaris software raid
I don't know of any raid card that linux-sparc can use.
hw raid is os independent, the whole raid is presented as one big disk

/usr/share/doc/HOWTO/en-txt/Software-RAID-0.4x-HOWTO.txt.gz from the
doc-linux-text package is a good start. There are references there

You cat go to http://www.linuxhq.com and search for raid, you will get
a list of howto's. I don't know which is best.


Karl Hammar                    Aspö Data           karl@kalle.csb.ki.se
Lilla Aspö 2340             +46  173 140 57                    Networks
S-742 94 Östhammar         +46  70 511 97 84                  Computers
Sweden                                                       Consulting

From: Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de>
Subject: Re: Hardware question (urgent)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 10:56:44 +0100 (CET)

> On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Karl Hammar wrote:
> > Buy from someone who supports Linux/Debian on Sun/Sparc.
> Does anybody know a salesman who does this in Germany????
> > The point is: if that salesman don't support linux, you are not helped
> > by the sun label on all your stuff, since if it don't work, you have
> This is exactly what our salesman told us.
> > to show that it won't work under solaris, which puts you into the not
> > desirable situation of supporting both os'es on that box.
> Which might be a waste of disk space.  Anyway, what about a boot manager
> for Sparc.  How to install RAID for both OSes (different filesystem for
> sure?).
> >   A technical answer:
> > You didn't say what system you was offered, only whats inside.
> > I guess the system is an E250.
> Stupid mistake of mine: Yes, it is an E250.
> For those who understand German (well specificationa and price is not
> hard to read:
>     http://www.sun.de/Produkte/Promo/SommerPromo.html
>        Topic: Sun Enterprise E250
>     (note: you have to add 16% tax to this prices)
> > The E250 don't have raid functionality, though you can get software
> > raid with solaris. But that you can get with linux also.
> Fine.  Which HOWTO you suggest to read first to install RAID with Linux?
> > BTW. the scsi controller is a plain 53c860 if I remember right.
> > I have not tested the ASR nor the RSC.
> The salesman offered an additional hardware RAID (for nearly 3/4 of the
> price of the whole box but half the capacity of the internal disks) because
> he doesn't know whether software RAID ist possible but I think this is
> really not necessary.
> >   A third answer:
> > Why not run solaris. Yes it is a mess compiling/installing/upgradeing
> > the said software (and installing all gnu software you got used to).
> > But if you want to be on the bleeding edge you have to do that anyhow,
> > and web world is kindof bleeding edge. And there are lots of unclean
> > solutions (what the heck, as long as it deliver in time).
> > The plus is that you'll get support from your salesman.
> > The down side is that solaris installs lots of things you possible
> > don't want to have on a public server.
> Short answer:  There is no apt-get.
> Long answer:
>  I know Debian very good.  I have less time to learn an "other" system.
>  (I'm not afraid to compile things manually.  Once I installed a whole
>  GNU system in my /home dir of a HP-UX machine.  No problem for me
>  but it should be a secure system many people want to relay on.  So I
>  would have to spend time in security issues I know in Debian.  And I
>  get security updates/fixes quick and easy via apt-get from
>  security.debian.org.  Well, I'm sure I would get fixes from Sun for
>  Solaris, but what about possible bugs in Apache, Zope or PostgreSQL I
>  intent to run basically?
> Alternative answer:
>  If all fails I can switch back to Solaris but I hope that this not will
>  be necessary.
> Kind regards
>         Andreas.
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