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newbie X configuration

Hi there,

I have got a Sparcstation IPX with Debian 2.2r1 installed (connected to ADSL
behind an Edge/ThinLinux firewall I might add :) but am not sure how to
configure X.  All of the documentation I have seen so far refers to using
XF86Config but I do not have this package in my apt/FTP installation.  Am I
supposed to create the XF86config file by hand?

X actually starts up but is very unstable, and IIRC looks for a .fvwm2rc
file, which I have not set up yet either.  I have also run blackbox window
manager briefly but it too was unstable.

I have a 1MB cgsix framebuffer and am using Xsun as the server which I
believe is correct.  My monitor is a 16" Sun (365-1020-01) which AFAIK
displays 1152x900, scanning at 61.8 Hz horizontal and 66 Hz vertical.  (It
is colour).  From this I take it I am supposed to calculate the dot clock?

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Don Chow

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