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cross-compiler update

(can't sleep. Clowns will eat me)

Need to compile and install binutils-sparc (is not built from the binutils
package for some reason unknown to me right now). Then install dpkg-cross,
and import ldso, libc6, and libc6-dev debs from Sparc. Then symlink
/usr/local/sparc-linux/[include|lib] into /usr/sparc-linux/. Then tweak
gcc-m68k-linux into building for sparc and depending on binutils-sparc
instead of binutils-sparc-linux.

Assuming this works, we would somehow need a libc6-dev crosscompile
package built for each supported arch and a few other minor package fixes.
I think I'm starting to drift off-topic..

Sometime tomorrow I'll post a compressed log of kernel-source-2.2.17
compiling for people to look at. I'm on a dialup connection for the time
being though.
Then I have a question of testing the kernel. How should I write a boot
floppy with the kernel, assuming it builds?

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