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mp3's on SPARC LX - Debian 2.2...

Thanks again for the file - it installed fine with dpkg and works exactly as

Just a curiosity question - did you have any problems compiling it on your
system?  (I had problems getting it compiled but that may have been related
to the other problem I found - not all the packages from dselect were
installed and configured. Doh!)

Does anyone out there have mixerctl ported to Debian?  I looked for it on
the searchable package database on www.debian.org and on ftp.us.debian.org
but didn't see it anywhere.

I tried using aumix instead but it doesn't seem to want to work.  (Either
outputs a bunch of blank lines and an error message or it does things like
not listing the settings for anything on any channel.  I think it might not
work properly with the DBRI mixer but that's just my Debian newbie guess.)

Any ideas?

Thanks again for the help!


Mike Hebel

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Here's the deb file. I included as an attachment. I complied it on my
Ultra 5/10.


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