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Re: sparcstation 10 w/ X

* Jim Kovalchuk <raxor@dexlink.com> [001118 19:53]:
> the only thing that dmesg displays is :
> fb0: cgsix at e.20000000 TEC Rev 2 CPU 68020 Rev 7 [GX]
> what kinda frame buffer is this ? 

A cg6 (aka. GX) is an 8-bit framebuffer.  There are four variations of
the card, but all are 8-bit only.  Also, you mentioned trying 16-bit...
there are no 16-bit sbus framebuffers as far as I know... and none
supported at least.  All are either 8-bit or 8 and 24-bit.

Unless you have the rare SS10SX (which has an onboard cg14 and you just
need to add the VSIMM for it's video memory, etc.), your only 24-bit
video option for it would be a Leo/ZX framebuffer... and those cost a
pretty penny.

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