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Re: newbie X configuration

> I have got a Sparcstation IPX with Debian 2.2r1 installed (connected to ADSL
> behind an Edge/ThinLinux firewall I might add :) but am not sure how to
> configure X.  All of the documentation I have seen so far refers to using
> XF86Config but I do not have this package in my apt/FTP installation.  Am I
> supposed to create the XF86config file by hand?
> X actually starts up but is very unstable, and IIRC looks for a .fvwm2rc
> file, which I have not set up yet either.  I have also run blackbox window
> manager briefly but it too was unstable.
> I have a 1MB cgsix framebuffer and am using Xsun as the server which I
> believe is correct.  My monitor is a 16" Sun (365-1020-01) which AFAIK
> displays 1152x900, scanning at 61.8 Hz horizontal and 66 Hz vertical.  (It
> is colour).  From this I take it I am supposed to calculate the dot clock?

X works on Sun's out-of-the-box! No need to fiddle with XF86config or
calculate the dot clock.
Choose Xserver-xsun as your default xserver, install xdm and a wm. In
my opinion, IceWM is the best wm for an IPX, fairly small, easy to
configure and fast enough. It emulates well the look of many other wm's,
such as fvwm or motif or even windows (urgh!).

I don't understand why X should be unstable in your case. My IPX has the
same configuration as yours, with 64 MB ram, and is rock solid.
Did you install the xfonts?

Anyway, maybe you wonder what should you answer to the X config program.
This is what I did. 
When the X configurator starts (I think it is called anXiuos), choose to
install the xfonts, 75 and 100 dpi. The the program asks for the monitor
horizontal/vertical sync ranges: enter "custom" and write the proper
values for your monitor. 
Further you choose the  clockchip (-> "none") and probe for clocks (aswer:
The default color depth is 8 bpp. Don't worry about the default 
resolution (I just accepted the default: 640x480, but it is not used).

If you need more help, please email me.


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