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Re: cross-compiler update

On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 02:59:48AM -0800, ferret@phonewave.net wrote:
> (can't sleep. Clowns will eat me)
> Need to compile and install binutils-sparc (is not built from the binutils
> package for some reason unknown to me right now). Then install dpkg-cross,
> and import ldso, libc6, and libc6-dev debs from Sparc. Then symlink
> /usr/local/sparc-linux/[include|lib] into /usr/sparc-linux/. Then tweak
> gcc-m68k-linux into building for sparc and depending on binutils-sparc
> instead of binutils-sparc-linux.

Install binutils-multiarch, and depend on that (might have to create
symlinks in /usr/sparc-linux/bin).

> Assuming this works, we would somehow need a libc6-dev crosscompile
> package built for each supported arch and a few other minor package fixes.
> I think I'm starting to drift off-topic..

Using dpkg-cross, you should be able to convert current packages to a
cross formary.

> Sometime tomorrow I'll post a compressed log of kernel-source-2.2.17
> compiling for people to look at. I'm on a dialup connection for the time
> being though.
> Then I have a question of testing the kernel. How should I write a boot
> floppy with the kernel, assuming it builds?

Sparc boot floppies can be created with the intelsilo package. Basically
you just need an ext2 formatted floppy, and use intelsilo to make it

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