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Re: subnetting network

i think you need to set your 192.168.xxx.xxx subnet masks to

i used my pc linux box w/ 2 network adaptors to gateway to the internet
supposedly a 486 w/ 16 megs and boot floppy will do it using ipchains
i had no luck, but i'm new to this too
i used gfcc with mandrake 7.1 in kde to masquerade my pc, mac and sun,
had it going in thirty minutes out of the box,
buy a 10/100 utp SWITCH instead of a hub, it's smarter and only a little more expensive
ditch the coax it's old technology,  single duplex and a bottleneck
a hub is faster than coax, but still behaves like coax in many ways

try this site



"John F. Scipione" wrote:

Hello     This is perhaps slightly off topic as it deals more with linux networking than anything else, but does deal with Debian on SPARC sorta. =)  I have two 32-bit sparc and I want to connect them to the rest of my network, but, they use a different interface than the rest of my network and I can't seem to ping other clients.  I have several computers, windows and linux boxes, all intel on a coaxial network, all connected to the internet via a cable modem through a gateway.  The SPARCs use that crappy AUI and have no coaxial connector.  However I have trancievers that convert the AUI to UTP and I have a hub.  I setup a seperate subnet ( and they can ping each other on that network, but cannot ping any computer on the coaxial network (  I have setup a linux box (not the internet router, another computer) with both a coaxial card and a utp card in it to serve as a gateway.  On the coaxial network, my gateway's address is, and on the utp network, the ip address is  The IP address of the internet gateway is on the coaxial side and I am not going to say the internet IP for security reasons (don't want crackers telneting into my network =)).    Anyway, how do I route so that computers on the network can ping computers on the network and vice-versa; how do I route the internet so that I can route it to both the network and the network?  The router is using ipchains to route the internet packets to the networks.    Thank You,    John F. Scipione   jscipio@rochester.rr.com

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