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Re: Hardware question (urgent)

On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Karl Hammar wrote:

> Buy from someone who supports Linux/Debian on Sun/Sparc.
Does anybody know a salesman who does this in Germany????

> The point is: if that salesman don't support linux, you are not helped
> by the sun label on all your stuff, since if it don't work, you have
This is exactly what our salesman told us.

> to show that it won't work under solaris, which puts you into the not
> desirable situation of supporting both os'es on that box.
Which might be a waste of disk space.  Anyway, what about a boot manager
for Sparc.  How to install RAID for both OSes (different filesystem for
>   A technical answer:
> You didn't say what system you was offered, only whats inside.
> I guess the system is an E250.
Stupid mistake of mine: Yes, it is an E250.
For those who understand German (well specificationa and price is not
hard to read:

       Topic: Sun Enterprise E250
    (note: you have to add 16% tax to this prices)
> The E250 don't have raid functionality, though you can get software
> raid with solaris. But that you can get with linux also.
Fine.  Which HOWTO you suggest to read first to install RAID with Linux?

> BTW. the scsi controller is a plain 53c860 if I remember right.
> I have not tested the ASR nor the RSC.
The salesman offered an additional hardware RAID (for nearly 3/4 of the
price of the whole box but half the capacity of the internal disks) because
he doesn't know whether software RAID ist possible but I think this is
really not necessary.

>   A third answer:
> Why not run solaris. Yes it is a mess compiling/installing/upgradeing
> the said software (and installing all gnu software you got used to).
> But if you want to be on the bleeding edge you have to do that anyhow,
> and web world is kindof bleeding edge. And there are lots of unclean
> solutions (what the heck, as long as it deliver in time).
> The plus is that you'll get support from your salesman.
> The down side is that solaris installs lots of things you possible
> don't want to have on a public server.
Short answer:  There is no apt-get.
Long answer:
 I know Debian very good.  I have less time to learn an "other" system.
 (I'm not afraid to compile things manually.  Once I installed a whole
 GNU system in my /home dir of a HP-UX machine.  No problem for me
 but it should be a secure system many people want to relay on.  So I
 would have to spend time in security issues I know in Debian.  And I
 get security updates/fixes quick and easy via apt-get from
 security.debian.org.  Well, I'm sure I would get fixes from Sun for
 Solaris, but what about possible bugs in Apache, Zope or PostgreSQL I
 intent to run basically?
Alternative answer:
 If all fails I can switch back to Solaris but I hope that this not will
 be necessary.

Kind regards


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