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Re: mp3's on SPARC LX - Debian 2.2...

* Mike Hebel <drone8of9@crosswinds.net> [001109 14:15]:
> Actually what I'm trying to do is shift the output from the internal
> speaker to line-out.  In NetBSD I user mixerctl to do that but I can't
> find a way to do it in Debian from the command line.  The -oh/-ol
> switches on mpg123 don't work.  audioctl doesn't seem to have an
> option for it.  Am I stuck here without running X?  I'm running
> "headless" so I don't know what my options are.

Heh... unfortunately, functions like dbri_set_output_port() in
drivers/sbus/audio/dbri.c look like this in 2.2.x:

  static int dbri_set_output_port(struct sparcaudio_driver *drv, int port)
          return 0;

Which means that you can't configure it at all.  I fixed this in the 2.4
kernel about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and I'd be willing to hack up a quick
patch for 2.2.x (but it probably won't go into the mainline unless DaveM
wants it).  

On a different note, the default behavior of the driver seems to be that
it's playing on the speaker, the headphone *and* the line-out
together... so if you just want it on the line-out and the line-out
isn't presently working for you, then I don't know what to say.  If
your interest is in turning off the speaker, then you can hack the code
yourself (it's a simple change, look for CS4215_SE), or I can make a
patch.  I can confirm that it properly plays on both the speaker and the
headphones... I don't know the status of line-out which is why you need
to tell me. :)

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