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mpg123 for Debian 2.2 SPARC - .deb available?


I just got Debian 2.2 loaded on my SPARCstation LX and got DBRI audio
working properly.

Now I want to play .mp3 files on it but I can not get mpg123 to compile
properly.  Is there a SPARC binary package for Debian out there somewhere?
I didn't see one on ftp.debian.org but it's possible that I missed one.

Anybody got a link to point me in the right direction?


Mike Hebel

FWIW - NetBSD on my IPX plays .mp3 files fine but only in 8-bit mono mode.
That's why I'm trying to get the LX working under Debian as it's the only OS
that supports the 16-bit DBRI audio on the LX - a fact which I'm pretty
impressed with.

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