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Re: Help Starting on a SPARCstation2

Hi Evan,

> I have recently acquired a SPARCstation2, and I'd like to install Debian
n it over the network if at all possible. So, I downloaded the correct
> rescue.img, dd'd it to a floppy on my Toshiba i386-based laptop, and
> stuck it in the Sun. Upon requesting to boot to the floppy, I get:
> Can't read disk label.
> Can't open Sun disk label package
> Can't open boot device
> After a bit more probing, I found out that I actually get this message
> when I ask to boot from the floppy regardless of the contents of the
> drive at the time. So I'm wondering if there's any way to create a
> bootdisk for the SPARC using x86-based machines?

I have installed Debian on two SS2 and 1 IPX using the floppy to start the
install program and then installing everything over the net. 
I never got those error messages from the floppy, only when trying to
boot from an hd without a Sun disk label. However:

1. You surely need to download the rescue AND boot floppy images. 
(Maybe you need also the driver image, but I am not sure on this, I should
check my logbook next week). Everything else can be downloaded over the
net from an ftp or http mirror.

2. You can write the floppy images on a i386 box, even from Windows or
Dos, using rawrite2.exe. This is what I actually did for my machines.

Hope this helps


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