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Re: gnome testers wanted?

Ok, new potato install on a Sun U10.

Install debs to test:

 dpkg -i *.deb  # from source below

gives unresolved dependancies, no problem,
go in to deselect->select->return->accept missing, then install

  hematit:~# uname -a
  Linux hematit 2.2.17 #1 Tue Jul 4 14:22:29 EDT 2000 sparc64 unknown
  hematit:~# dpkg -l | grep 1.0.55-2.0.2
  ii  gnome-core                        1.0.55-2.0.2                      Common files for Gnome core apps
  ii  gnome-help                        1.0.55-2.0.2                      GNOME help browser
  ii  gnome-help-data                   1.0.55-2.0.2                      GNOME help browser data
  ii  gnome-panel                       1.0.55-2.0.2                      Launch and/or dock Gnome applications
  ii  gnome-panel-data                  1.0.55-2.0.2                      Data files for GNOME panel
  ii  gnome-session                     1.0.55-2.0.2                      The Gnome Session Manager
  ii  gnome-terminal                    1.0.55-2.0.2                      The Gnome terminal emulator application
  ii  libpanel-applet-dev               1.0.55-2.0.2                      Library for Gnome Panel applets - Development
  ii  libpanel-applet0                  1.0.55-2.0.2                      Library for Gnome Panel applets

Ok, you can install them.
Tries some applications, only bug I find is the text displayed in
gnome help browser -> man pages ->
  822-date shows up with header 822\-date
there were some more xx-xx command which showed up with header xx\-xx
instead of xx-xx.


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From: Anand Kumria <wildfire@progsoc.uts.edu.au>
Subject: gnome testers wanted?
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 15:00:26 +1100

> Debian 2.2r2 will be out shortly and with the help on Anthony I've
> compiled some newer gnome-core .debs for the Sparc.
> Unfortunately I don't have access to the console of the sparcs I
> use (don't ask) so I can't test whether they work or not.
> I think they do -- but who knows. Someone please check.
> <URL: http://people.debian.org/~akumria/sparc/>
> Thanks,
> Anand
> -- 
> Linux.Conf.Au			--		http://linux.conf.au/
> 17th - 20th January, 		--		Alan Cox, David Miller,
> Sydney, Australia 		--		Tridge, maddog and you?

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