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Re: Newbie-SS2 keyboard/mouse questions

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Bob Collins wrote:

> I have Debian installed and running fine as a console. I cannot get gpm
> to work, and am therefore afraid to even try to get X running. BTW, is
> there an X setup script somewhere? As far as the install is concerned,
> the mouse is at /dev/mouse. I am using a type 5 keyboard and a clone

Yeah. /dev/mouse is probably Debian policy. But it should be a symlink to

dunsinane:/dev$ la mouse 
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           13 Jan 21  2000 mouse -> /dev/sunmouse

(that's an IPX btw). I think I remember having to link that myself, and you've
had to for a while (this may just avoiding an incorect link for people with
other kinds of mice? otherwise i have no idea why it doesn't seem to be an
automatic part of the install).

That said, you can't have both X and gpm installed -- Xsun doesn't accept
different mouse devices, since this is Sun, and the authors said, "hey, this
hardware has zero options, so we can skip the config file". Which was
unfortunate, since because of that decision you can't use gpm as a repeater. So
it's either mouse in console or mouse in X :)

Ben, why do we seem to keep answering this question on the list? How many
months (years? eons?) has this been an issue in sparc installs?


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