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Re: newbie image headaches

	I'm assuming you're using the cygnus tools on win98.  If that's
the case. you need to make a c:\tmp directory.  bash.exe considers this
/tmp.  This will fix the first problem, it may or may not fix the rest.

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On Sat, 4 Nov 2000, Lars Hall wrote:

> ok here we go...
> i have a sparcstation 5 i want to install debian on
> i'm useing a pc running win98se to burn the image
> i am trying to use the pseudo cd image program and i think i can't find
> the right site for the files to be imaged.
> i got the list files for sparc from
> http://www.uk.debian.org/debian-cd/cd-images
> there were 3 list files
> binary-sparc-1.list
> binary-sparc-2.list
> binary-sparc-3.list
> and i got all three and they seem to have different content.]
> first question:  do i need all three lists? are these 3 separate images
> or 1 image?
> i run
> make-pseudo-image binary-sparc-1.list http://debian.gnaps.com/debian/
> make-pseudo-image binary-sparc-2.list http://debian.gnaps.com/debian/
> make-pseudo-image binary-sparc-3.list http://debian.gnaps.com/debian/
> and the first line gives me an error message, so i quit.
> bash.exe warning: unable to find /tmp please create
> and then it pulls a couple of files the tells me it cant find any files
> on the site beginning with /bin/
> i have to use http cause i got a linux masquerade running on a pc
> (mandrake 7.1 , kde, gfcc) that i haven't totally figured out yet and i
> have occasional trouble with ftp. separate issue.
> i'm assuming i'm doing something wrong here.
> thanks in advance
> Lars Hall
> larshall@isdn.net
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