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Summary - Sparc mail issues


 Fortunately my requirements were pretty modest -- just getting
 mail to leave the nest was sufficient, really.  smail did this fairly
 painlessly, so of course I was emotionally attached to it.  apt-cache
 searches showed me zmailer (ostensibly the fastest in the west?),
 but the rest of the description was too scarey.

 Anyway, sparc-smail is now added to NTP and VNC-sparc on
 my impressively short list of things Debianish that failed to work
 as expected by simply apt-get'ing them.  (And I'm happy to blame
 NTP's failings on the Solaris legacy systems here anyway.)

 exim, of course, works out of the box.  Thanks to the two people
 who suggested I follow that path.  Now I just need to battle the
 Groupwise weenies whose system likes to delay incoming mail
 for a good half hour.


 PS.  I can confirm that relaying is turned off by default   ; )

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