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Re: Help Starting on a SPARCstation2

On Sat, 18 Nov 2000, Sabino Maggi wrote:

> > I've recently picked up the SparcStation 1, and while I make it all the
> > way through the installation and partition the drive as per instructions,
> > I cannot seem to boot into Linux.
> > 
> > I reboot, and it gives me the same message it gave me when I booted it and
> > the HD was formatted blank. - No luck at all. 
> Probably you did not create a Sun disk label when partitioning your hd.

Nope. Did that. 

Any other ideas?

Mike Hoye

"The only thing you will ever be able to say in the
 so-called 'social' sciences is: 'some do, some don't.'"
				-Ernst Rutherford

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