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Re: Newbie-SS2 keyboard/mouse questions

In article <3A0166C2.4D99D957@bellsouth.net>, Bob Collins wrote:
>Hello, and thanks for taking a minute to read and respond. I am new to
>the Sun (Sparcstation) platform, but am interested in learning and using
>I have Debian installed and running fine as a console. I cannot get gpm
>to work, and am therefore afraid to even try to get X running. BTW, is
>there an X setup script somewhere? As far as the install is concerned,
>the mouse is at /dev/mouse. I am using a type 5 keyboard and a clone
>Fujitsu mechanical type 5 mouse on a Sparcstation2. When I run
>gpmconfig, it suggests /dev/rtc which also does not work. I have noticed
>there is a small port underneath the keyboard with a row of dip
>switches, would this be a likely culprit for my lack of mouse? The
>following is a part of dmesg:
>Sun TYPE 5 keyboard detected without keyclick
>Sun Mouse-Systems mouse driver version 1.00

crw-------    1 root     root      10,   6 Feb 21  1999 /dev/sunmouse

I have sun mouse connected to a socket under the keyboard.


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