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Re: Summary - Sparc mail issues

If that's your main purpose, I'd suggest ssmtp instead - it only 
routes mail outbound to a mail server, no need to worry about 
security or anything else.  Just point it at your SMTP server 
and away it goes.  Best solution for that.

Of course, I realize that you've already set it up now.  :)


On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Jeremy Rashbrooke wrote:
>  Howdi,
>  Fortunately my requirements were pretty modest -- just getting
>  mail to leave the nest was sufficient, really.  smail did this fairly
>  painlessly, so of course I was emotionally attached to it.  apt-cache
>  searches showed me zmailer (ostensibly the fastest in the west?),
>  but the rest of the description was too scarey.
>  Anyway, sparc-smail is now added to NTP and VNC-sparc on
>  my impressively short list of things Debianish that failed to work
>  as expected by simply apt-get'ing them.  (And I'm happy to blame
>  NTP's failings on the Solaris legacy systems here anyway.)
>  exim, of course, works out of the box.  Thanks to the two people
>  who suggested I follow that path.  Now I just need to battle the
>  Groupwise weenies whose system likes to delay incoming mail
>  for a good half hour.
>  Jedd.
>  PS.  I can confirm that relaying is turned off by default   ; )

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