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Re: SS5/170

* Ari Heitner <aheitner@andrew.cmu.edu> [001107 13:25]:
> The TurboSPARC (the 170 MHz 32bit SPARC, iirc made by Toshiba) certainly is. I
> remember a couple of very long discussions about this chip, both here and i
> think on the sparcbook lists.

Fujitsu. :)

> I can report at the least that sun4c's (as someone mentioned iirc)
> have no significant problems, i've been using them most of the way
> thru the 2.2 series (in fact i was using them even before that, i
> think a few of the 2.0 kernels were quirky on them). I think the SS170
> is a sun4m (someone wanna back me up or cut me down on that? it's not
> a sun4d i'm pretty sure ...)  anyhow. And those work dandy. 

Yeah, it's a sun4m... the thing is, there's a huge speed diffence
between any sun4c and an ss5/170... unfortunately, I wouldn't really
recommend either.

> Have to admit I haven't tried 2.2.17 on my IPX, just no inclination
> to. I guess I should but I need my CVS/web stuff all running :)

Yeah, but 2.4.x is currently not working with sun4c's... so currently,
2.2.x is the highest you can go.  

The other thing worth nothing about the SS5/170 is that you can cause a
hard lockup with a userspace app on it... the same app has no effect on
any other SPARC machine (not even other SS5s).  Basically, it's a CPU
bug... and where there's one so bad, there's probably others. :(

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