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sunlance.c - network driver for sun4m


finally i got my first sun [like "my first sony"(c)]. it's an old one
(sparcstation 5) but i guess it's good enough to gettig start with it.

i want to install and use debian over the network (as a diskless
client). so started with rarp & arp and tftp and installed on a nfs
drive. and i read on the docs that i have to burn the network rom that i
can start it over the net with bootp.

and to burn the rom i have to use netboot. right? and to use the netboot
i need the binary driver for the network card. i tried to compile the
"sunlance.c" (which i guess is the right driver for a sun4m machine) but
i wasn't able to do it on a intel box.

so my question would someone be so gentle and send me the binary of it?
or is there any other solutions how can i start it over the network?

thanks a lot in advance,
alias m.nine.six.

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