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Re: compiling kernel for Sun4c on a Sun4m ??

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Joshua Uziel wrote:

> * Taco IJsselmuiden <taco@wep.tudelft.nl> [001129 13:55]:
> > I'm wondering if it's possible (and hopefully not too hard ;) ) to
> > compile a kernel for my Sun4c IPX box on a Sun4m SparcSystem ?  I
> > tried just now using 2.4.0-test11, but it won't boot ;(
> > 
> > I'm wondering if it's something i'm doing wrong, or that it's just not
> > really that simple ;)
> It should be that simple... they use the same compiler and everything.
> Be sure, first off, that you're using the latest kernel from
> vger.samba.org ... sun4c booting was fixed around version
> 2.4.0-test11-pre1 (in CVS, but I don't know about the mainline).  Also,
> a lot of blind changes occured for sun4c-specific stuff in the meantime,
> so there is probably a lot of brokenness anyways.
> Also, "it won't boot" isn't descriptive enough... I intend on playing
> with my SS2 soon, so I'll be seeing for myself...

I've got a SS5 running 2.4.0-test11. I strongly recommend anyone else with
an SS5 to do so as well ... it seems to have fixed up a lot (but not all)
of the problems I've been having with the SCSI driver. With the 2.2.17
kernel in potato I couldn't put more then one disk on the chain without
causing kernel death, and I used to get read errors from the CD drive that
have disappeared with the latest kernel.

PS! In the passed I've used an old IPX to compile up a 2.2.something kernel
for a JavaStation, which is also sun4m, and that worked fine.

 Matt Lowry      ( mclowry@cs.adelaide.edu.au )
I don't suffer from insanity.
Actually, I quite enjoy it.

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