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Re: compiling kernel ...

> so ... why this happens to me ??? =(

There are some things inthe 3com driver that the compiler doesn't like.
It's a known issue, but the fact is, it isn't getting fixed, that I know

> is this related to the 64 bits compiler ????


> i've to install egcs64 before i start to compile, because make-kpkg
> requires sparc64-linux-gcc 
> can i compile a new kernel for the ultra using sparc32 ???

You cannot use a 32bit compiler to create a 64bit kernel.

> i've tried with 2.2.15 from a deb package and 2.2.16 from ftp.kernel.org

None will work. This wont be resolved until gcc3 makes it into woody, and
we start using it to compile kernels.

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