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DEBIAN POTATO via NFS on a SPARCstation SLC 4/20 - 16 Mb RAM


finally after days & days spent over the fucking debian (what a terrible
installation ! slackware rulez ;) i installed MANUALLY a Debian Potato
on this SPARC Box :)

it was really a MESS. i'm writing a sort of HOWTO about this, explaining
how i solved some weird problem (segmentation fault in dselect, 
can't malloc in dpkg and some other things)

but now we have a working system, with X-Windows running as server using
our network server as a client for the applications. :)

any hint about using GCC on a SPARC with only 16 megs ? i think memory
is too low for this ... (and i'm thinking about installing a cross-compiler
on the network server :)

p.s. i only have, for now, an italian version of the doc. i'm working
on the english translation :)

Asbesto from FreakNet MediaLab

Asbesto from gemini.freaknet.org mobile linux box ;)

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