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Re: Silo

Have you checked the boot environment?

I have an Ultra 10 with two disks. One with Solaris the other witn Linux
installed. I start the Linux at first and from SILO I can choose the
system I want to use. 

If you press STOP-A then you get the system prompt.

printenv boot-device gives
disk1 (Linux disk)

printenv boot-file gives:
which is a 64bit Solaris kernel on the Solaris disk.

in the platform directory you can find the kernel which you need
depending on your system e.g. Ultra 10, or something else. (Solaris)

You can change this parameters with setenv.

After you made the changes type go or boot.


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	On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

	BC>> other=1
	BC>> label=solaris
	BC>> read-only
	BC>SILO doesn't know what to do with this. The silo.conf(5) manpage shows you
	BC>how this is done. More than likely, when you installed Linux, the old
	BC>boot-block for Solaris was saved as /boot/old.b. So try this:

	Well the problem is that i installed linux first, then installed Solaris.
	Then booted from linux cd, mounted all partitions with the installation
	prog, and i chrooted linux / directory.
	Finally ran silo.


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