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Re: sunlance.c - network driver for sun4m


finally i was able to boot my box. but the problems go on...

i have installed the Xsun as xserver and i want to use a network wide
true-type font server (xfs-xtt). but the doc tells me that i don't need
any configuration for Xsun. so how can i tell Xsun that it have to ask
for the fonts on an other server?? the only thing that X tells me is
that the font folders doesn't exist.

on an intel box i can give the font server over the /etc/X11/XF86Config
file. but on sparc???

also as i told, finally i was able too boot my box so those was the
problems and the solutions:

- the server must have enabled rarp, arp and tftp that the sun box will
be able to fetch the kernel.
- the kernel must be on a.out format the the sun box can execute it.
so you have to gunzip the default debian kernel and then make a aout
file with the elftoaout utility.
- the standard debian kernel does not include kernel-ip-config so that
the linux kernel will fetch the net configs from bootp or a dhcp server.
so for first your first boot you have to give the parameters "boot net
ip=<ip-addr> nfsroot=<server-addr>:<folder-name>". if you only give the
nfsroot it will give you the following error: "RPC: sendmsg returned
error 51".
- so after starting your debian linux compile your new kernel with
enabled nfsroot, kernel-auto-conf and more..... and don't forget to make
a new aout kernel with the elftoaout utility!

also thanks to all that helped me in the past few days and nights....

thanks in advance,
alias m.nine.six.

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