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Re: mp3's on SPARC LX - Debian 2.2...

* Mike Hebel <drone8of9@crosswinds.net> [001110 06:46]:
> Hmm...according to Joshua Uziel (I haven't looked at the code myself) the
> code for the dbri audio does not have a port adjustment in the 2.2 kernel.
> He said he might be able to make up a patch for the 2.2 dbri but that
> basically 2.4 fixes this.

Well, I've gone ahead and done it anyways... talking with DaveM last
night, he OKed doing this for 2.2, so I wasted no time.  I committed it
to CVS last night (which you can get with the instructions at
http://vger.samba.org), or I've got a separate patch that should apply
to at least the recent 2.2.x kernels at:


> This would of course explain why cam didn't work for you.

Naww... he has a U5/U10 which uses the cs4231 driver which does not have
this problem.  The only logical reason why that might be is because
there was a bug in the ioctl numbering until recently, but I don't think
it affected 2.2.x kernels, so I'm at a loss (unless I play with it).

> I'm not sure if I'm ready to do a kernel upgrade on this yet.  (I have a
> real tendency to screw things like that up and usually end up re-loading the
> system from scratch.  Which is funny because after over ten years of PC
> networking most things I don't have a problem with.)

Well, if you decide to be brave, then good luck... but you still haven't
mentioned if you were getting output on the line-out port.  With this
patch, you should be able to "audioctl -w play.port=4" and have it just
on that output alone.

> Anyway thanks for the help!  I got it playing with audioctl and mpg123 with
> the -r 8000 switch.  Now I just have to find a way to improve the sound
> quality a little.

What's wrong with the other rates?  Can the CPU not handle doing
anything more?

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