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Re: sunlance.c - network driver for sun4m

On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, m.nine.six wrote:

> hi,
> finally i got my first sun [like "my first sony"(c)]. it's an old one
> (sparcstation 5) but i guess it's good enough to gettig start with it.
> i want to install and use debian over the network (as a diskless
> client). so started with rarp & arp and tftp and installed on a nfs
> drive. and i read on the docs that i have to burn the network rom that i
> can start it over the net with bootp.
> and to burn the rom i have to use netboot. right? and to use the netboot
> i need the binary driver for the network card. i tried to compile the
> "sunlance.c" (which i guess is the right driver for a sun4m machine) but
> i wasn't able to do it on a intel box.
> so my question would someone be so gentle and send me the binary of it?
> or is there any other solutions how can i start it over the network?

Sounds like your from intel land, sun computers can net boot from their
boot prom, you don't need to compile the sunlance driver seperately it
should be in the standard kernel once you boot it.

Also you won't be able to run intel compiled binaries unless you use a
cross compiler.

Get onto the www.ultralinux.org web site and look at the frequently ask


Peter Firmstone.

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