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#647531: intent to hijack src:cjet /etc/init.d/umountfs [Composer] Creating a music jingle for Debian -> Musical Re: [OT] NM vs. wicd [OT] NM vs. wicd (was: Re: On init in Debian) adding information to wnpp Adding selinux pam module by default for desktop manager amd64 most popular architecture for squeeze today according to popcon B2G security model (debian package management recommended) - help and advice needed Bug 644138: kcc and heimdal-client both install /usr/bin/kcc Bug#539792: marked as done ((snappea_3.0d3-20/avr32): FTBFS: Outdated config.{sub,guess}) Re: Bug#631139: mosh ITP not done, just package name taken over Re: Bug#644138: Bug 644138: kcc and heimdal-client both install /usr/bin/kcc Bug#658139: evince: missing mime entry Re: Bug#661565: ITP: nyancat -- Terminal-based Pop Tart Cat animation Re: Bug#661765: ITP: oqapy -- Photographic workflow application Bug#661771: ITP: node-libravatar -- libravatar library for NodeJS Bug#661823: ITP: dune -- toolbox for solving PDEs Bug#661824: ITP: jel -- library for evaluating algebraic expressions in Java Bug#661840: ITP: rfcdiff -- IETF Internet Draft Difference Tool Bug#661862: ITP: adlint -- source code static analyzer for C Bug#661972: ITP: compass-h5bp-plugin -- Compass extension for Html5 Boilerplate Bug#662080: ITP: hadori -- Hardlinks identical files Bug#662111: ITP: fonts-lato -- sans-serif typeface family font Bug#662138: ITP: mysql-utilities -- MySQL Utilities - command-line interface to MySQL Bug#662175: ITP: basilisk-ii-cvs -- Basilisk II (jit). Motorola 680x0 based Mac emulator Bug#662205: ITP: cyclograph -- CycloGraph plots the altimetry of your route Re: Bug#662513: RM: emboss/6.3.1-6 Bug#662657: ITP: node-marked -- Full-featured markdown parser and compiler for NodeJS Bug#662670: ITP: trash-cli -- command line trashcan utility Bug#662691: ITP: freetuxtv -- Internet television and radio player Bug#662763: ITP: libaio-ocaml -- OCaml bindings for libaio (Linux kernel AIO access library) Bug#662797: ITP: libfile-inplace-perl -- Perl module to ease editing a file in-place Bug#662819: ITP: libstring-similarity-perl -- Perl module for calculating the similarity of two strings Bug#662840: ITP: wims-java-applets -- applets for modules used by the WIMS server Bug#662849: ITP: bwctl -- bandwidth test controller Bug#662876: ITP: libhtml-formattext-withlinks-andtables-perl -- Converts HTML to Text with tables in tact Bug#662932: general: USB devices, mass storage, and printer cause system fail, and report a lot of log problems Bug#662932: USB devices, mass storage, and printer cause system fail, and report a lot of log problems Bug#662943: ITP: libimager-qrcode-perl -- Generate QR code with Imager using libqrencode Bug#662949: ITP: ees -- Execution Environment Service for the ARGUS framework Bug#663006: ITP: libnfc -- Near Field Communication (NFC) library Bug#663017: ITP: transmission-remote-cli -- ncurses interface for the Transmission BitTorrent daemon Bug#663116: ITP: python-neuroshare -- Python interface and tools for Neuroshare Bug#663153: ITP: automaton -- Finite-State Automaton for Regular Expressions Bug#663184: ITP: httpie -- CLI, cURL-like tool for humans Bug#663204: ITP: appmenu-qt -- appmenu for qt Bug#663212: ITP: lcas-lcmaps-gt4-interface -- Mapping interface between Globus Toolkit and LCAS/LCMAPS Bug#663255: ITP: qpdfpresenterconsole -- PDF/Beamer presentation software. Bug#663257: ITP: libprivileges-drop-perl -- module to make it simple to drop all privileges Bug#663344: ITP: m2m-aligner -- many-to-many alignments for string transduction Bug#663456: ITP: mediatomb -- UPnP MediaServer Bug#663457: ITP: libnet-https-nb-perl -- non-blocking HTTPS client Bug#663458: ITP: libterm-filter-perl -- Perl module to run an interactive terminal session, filtering the input and output Bug#663508: ITP: all-knowing-dns -- Tiny DNS server for IPv6 Reverse DNS Bug#663517: ITP: raintpl -- The easy and fast template engine for PHP. Rain.TPL makes application easier to create & enables designers/developers to work better together. Bug#663535: ITP: php5-zeromq -- PHP bindings for ZeroMQ Bug#663583: ITP: python-midiutil -- Python library to write muti-track MIDI files Bug#663636: ITP: opsin -- Chemical name to structure converter Bug#663647: ITP: npapi-vlc -- multimedia plugin for web browsers based on VLC Bug#663648: ITP: zathura-extras -- plugins for zathura to support additional document formats Bug#663706: ITP: python-rfoo -- Fast RPC package for Python (and a remote console) Bug#663748: ITP: pesco -- Cognitive stimulation tool for elderly or cognitively impaired Bug#663754: ITP: hol-light -- HOL Light theorem prover Bug#663877: ITP: utouch-evemu -- Tools and bindings for kernel input event device emulation, data capture, and replay. Bug#663880: ITP: utouch-frame -- Multi-touch input event cooking library Bug#663881: ITP: utouch-grail -- multi-touch gesture recognition and instatiation library Bug#663882: ITP: utouch-geis -- multi-touch gesture API Bug#663887: ITP: fccexam -- Study guide for USA FCC commercial radio license examinations. Bug#663948: Wrong resolver behavior (ipv6) after squeeze point release Bug#664017: ITP: fonts-lobster -- bold condensed script with many ligatures and alternates Bug#664019: ITP: lintian4python -- Debian package checker (for Python packages) Bug#664019: marked as done (ITP: lintian4python -- Debian package checker (for Python packages)) Bug#664022: ITP: lazyarray -- Python module providing a NumPy-compatible lazily-evaluated array Bug#664055: ITP: owasp-java-html-sanitizer -- OWASP Java HTML Sanitizer Bug#664071: ITP: py.test -- simple, powerful testing in Python Bug#664076: ITP: shatag -- tool for computing and caching file checksums in filesystem extended attributes Bug#664089: ITP: 389-console -- 389 Management Console Bug#664119: ITP: 389-ds-console -- 389 Directory Server Management Console Bug#664122: ITP: pbundler -- Bundler for Python Bug#664123: ITP: pan -- pan news reader Bug#664143: ITP: node-minimatch -- Convert glob expressions into Javascript RegExp objects Bug#664145: ITP: fonts-dancingscript -- lively casual script with bouncing letters and size changes Bug#664149: ITP: node-lru-cache -- Javascript least-recently-used cache object Bug#664154: ITP: node-semver -- The semantic versioner for node Bug#664162: ITP: node-ini -- ini format parser and serializer for Node.js Bug#664227: ITP: node-inherits -- Easy simple tiny inheritance in JavaScript Bug#664230: ITP: node-graceful-fs -- fs module with support for opening lots of files Bug#664235: ITP: node-abbrev -- Like ruby abbrev module, but for Node.js Bug#664237: ITP: node-nopt -- Command-line option parser for Node.js Bug#664257: multiarch tuples are not documented/defined Bug#664466: ITP: shelltestrunner -- test command-line programs or arbitrary shell commands Bug#664595: RFH: php5 Bug#664618: ITP: python-mpd2 -- Python MPD client library (python-mpd fork) Bug#664629: ITP: node-block-stream -- Stream of fixed-size blocks, with zero-padding when necessary Bug#664642: ITP: node-rimraf -- Deep deletion (like rm -rf) module for Node.js Bug#664647: ITP: mpdas -- mpdas is an AudioScrobbler client for MPD written in C++ Bug#664665: ITP: zita-ajbridge -- ALSA to JACK bridge Bug#664689: ITP: argus-pep-api-c -- Argus PEP client library Bug#664695: ITP: node-fstream -- Advanced filesystem streaming tools for Node.js Bug#664699: ITP: lcmaps-plugins-c-pep -- C-PEP plugin for the LCMAPS authorization framework Bug#664719: ITP: node-tar -- read and write portable tar archives module for Node.js Bug#664738: ITP: glexec -- User identity switching tool based on grid credentials Bug#664747: ITP: jpylyzer -- JP2 (JPEG 2000 Part 1) validator and properties extractor Bug#664750: ITP: libpadre-plugin-moose-perl -- Moose, Mouse and MooseX::Declare support for Padre Bug#664759: ITP: python-tox -- generic virtualenv_ management and test command line tool Bug#664760: ITP: python-tinkerer -- blogging engine/static website generator powered by Sphinx Bug#664784: ITP: sandbox -- A helper utility to run programs in a sandboxed environment Bug#664829: ITP: libperlbal-xs-httpheaders-perl -- Perlbal extension for processing HTTP headers faster Bug#664836: ITP: node-gyp -- Native addon build tool for Node.js Bug#664845: ITP: libpadre-plugin-pdl-perl -- PDL support for Padre IDE Bug#664902: ITP: mitm-me -- Firefox extension to click through certificate warnings Bug#664951: ITP: mitm-me -- Firefox extension to click through certificate warnings Bug#664952: ITP: node-ansi -- Advanced ANSI formatting tool for Node.js Bug#664974: ITP: octave-geometry -- geometric computing functions for Octave Bug#664975: ITP: indigo -- Organic Chemistry Toolkit Bug#664979: ITP: m2vrequantiser -- MPEG-2 streams requantization Bug#665041: ITP: etl -- Synfig extended template library Bug#665042: ITP: synfig -- vector-based 2d animation package Bug#665045: ITP: synfigstudio -- vector-based 2D animation package (graphical user interface) Bug#665085: ITP: ruby-rack-protection -- Protects against typical web attacks for Rack application Bug#665204: general: create package for pg_rman Postgres backup utiltity Bug#665275: ITP: libpadre-plugin-yaml-perl -- YAML support for Padre The Perl IDE Bug#665318: ITP: faac -- AAC audio encoder Bug#665341: ITP: libjlapack-java -- LAPACK numerical subroutines translated from Fortran to Java Bug#665343: ITP: libnetlib-java -- collection of mission-critical software components for linear algebra system translated from Fortran to Java Bug#665415: ITP: python3-dateutil -- powerful extensions to the standard datetime module in Python 3 Bug#665449: ITP: cl -- Kombu actor framework Bug#665450: ITP: i2p -- I2P is an anonymizing network, offering a simple layer that identity-sensitive applications can use to securely communicate. All data is wrapped with several layers of encryption, and the network is both distributed and dynamic, with no trusted parties. Bug#665454: ITP: canzelay-client -- Canzeley -- It is the client application to organize a German Law Office Bug#665663: ITP: fonts-kaushanscript -- script font that feels like writing quickly with an inked brush Bug#665717: ITP: y-u-no-validate -- Iceweasel extension to make security exceptions temporary by default Bug#665805: ITP: ganv -- canvas widget for graph-based interfaces Bug#665811: ITP: libpadre-plugin-snippet-perl -- Padre plugin to provide TextMate-like snippets Bug#665815: ITP: libpadre-plugin-parsertool-perl -- A realtime interactive parser test tool for Padre Bug#665857: ITP: libv8-i18n -- Native internationalization support for v8 EcmaScript engine. Bug#665903: ITP: calligra -- KDE SC integrated work applications suite Bug#665911: ITP: haskell-ekg -- remote monitoring of Haskell processes over HTTP Bug#665939: ITP: ruby-capistrano-colors -- Capistrano helper for colorizing output Bug#665941: ITP: ruby-capistrano-colors -- Capistrano helper for colorizing output Bug#665942: ITP: ruby-capistrano-colors -- Capistrano helper for colorizing output Bug#666010: ITP: nvidia-texture-tools -- image processing and texture manipulation tools Bug#666022: ITP: nfacct -- command line tool to create/retrieve/delete netfilter accounting objects Bug#666026: ITP: libnetfilter_acct -- nfacct library files Bug#666075: ITP: libam7xxx -- library for accessing am7xxx based devices Bug#666082: ITP: libics -- Image Cytometry Standard file reading and writing Bug#666133: ITP: fonts-cabinsketch -- playful sister of the Cabin Family Bug#666192: ITP: librostlab -- C++ library from the Rost Lab Bug#666193: ITP: librostlab-blast -- very fast C++ library for parsing NCBI BLAST output Bug#666194: ITP: librg-blast-parser-perl -- very fast NCBI BLAST parser - binding for perl Bug#666224: ITP: peg -- recursive-descent parser generators for C Bug#666229: ITP: igtf-policy-bundle -- IGTF profiles for Authority Root Certificates Bug#666242: ITP: clearwaita-theme -- Clearwaita theme for GTK+ Bug#666263: ITP: log4shib -- log4j-style configurable logging library for C++ Bug#666410: ITP: sdic-inline-el -- Emacs inline interface for Japanese dictionary Bug#666490: O: svgalib -- console SVGA display libraries Bug#666495: ITP: plasma-widget-menubar -- plasma widget to display a global menubar Bug#666527: ITP: ssb-sprom -- A tool for modification of the Broadcom Sonics Silicon Backplane SPROM Bug#666541: [Wish] package OpenSearch descriptions for reuse by all browsers Bug#666546: ITP: fonts-cabin -- humanist sans serif font Bug#666553: ITP: fonts-dosis -- very simple, rounded, sans serif font family Bugs for packages which don't exist anymore / missing maintainer creating directories under /run Re: Crypto consolidation in debian ? debconf13 Re: considered harmful Re: considered harmful, Was: Unofficial repositories on 'debian' domains considered harmful, Was: Unofficial repositories on 'debian' domains debian/rules VS debian/copyright. A DM/DD should know how to watch his mouth (code of conduct). Do not use tabs in /etc/init.d/[script] dpkg, aptitude and use of state files (was: Re: Important information regarding upcoming dpkg 1.16.2 upload) dpkg-buildpackage now sets DEB_BUILD_HOST etc for you? Re: Enabling hardened build flags for Wheezy Re: Enabling package installation for non-root users Re: A few observations about systemd gconftool a good "license your software" how-to for upstream developers ? Heads up: aptitude-gtk will likely vanish from Debian Re: Important information regarding upcoming dpkg 1.16.2 upload Re: init systems and Policy ITP: ecere -- The Ecere SDK is a cross-platform toolkit for building software applications. The SDK includes a compiler for the eC language, and its lightweight runtime environment includes a GUI toolkit, a networking library and a basic 3D engine. ITP: oqapy -- Photographic workflow application Re: leaks in our only-signed-software fortress libidn re-license Link-Time Optimisation Linux kernel hardening - link restrictions Re: mass bug filing against packages that don't remove alternatives Re: mass bug filing of 'deluser/delgroup: command not found' errors detected by piuparts Re: MIA check for Robert Jordens and Mark A. Hershberger (anyone in contact with them?) mosh ITP not done, just package name taken over multiarch conversion for packages with lib32* packages Re: Multiarch file overlap summary and proposal NM without X Re: NM without X (general: users vs developers) The last update was on 06:41 GMT Thu May 02. There are 928 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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