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Bug 644138: kcc and heimdal-client both install /usr/bin/kcc

Hi devel,

These packages do not remotely have the same functionality:
kcc: Kanji code filter
heimdal-clients: Heimdal Kerberos - clients

kcc appears to have shipped /usr/bin/kcc approximately since 1997.

heimdal-clients introduced /usr/bin/kcc in September 2011 and #644138
was filed shortly thereafter.

The bug was closed by upload:
   * Add conflicts with kcc to heimdal-clients. Closes: #644138

and reopened the next day as "not an appropriate use of Conflicts". Quoting
policy 10.1:

     Two different packages must not install programs with different
     functionality but with the same filenames.  (The case of two programs
     having the same functionality but different implementations is handled
     via "alternatives" or the "Conflicts" mechanism.  See Section 3.9,
     `Maintainer Scripts' and Section 7.4, `Conflicting binary packages -
     `Conflicts'' respectively.) If this case happens, one of the programs
     must be renamed.  The maintainers should report this to the
     `debian-devel' mailing list and try to find a consensus about which
     program will have to be renamed.  If a consensus cannot be reached,
     _both_ programs must be renamed.

It has now been five months without either maintainer raising this.

Edward Allcutt

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