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Re: mosh ITP not done, just package name taken over

Christoph Egger wrote:
> Read Policy 5.1 again
>   Assuming no one else is already working on your prospective package,
>   you must then submit a bug report (Section 7.1, “Bug reporting”)
>   against the pseudo-package wnpp describing your plan to create a new
>   package, including, but not limiting yourself to, a description of the
>   package, the license of the prospective package, and the current URL
>   where it can be downloaded from.
> Yes there's a *must*.

That would a) be absurd on its face, since "must" is a RC bug, 
and the BTS does not allow package: Joe Developer
and b) is a quote of section 5 of the Develper's Reference.

Policy has nothing to say about WNPP.

joey@gnu:~doc/debian-policy>zgrep -i wnpp *   
zsh: exit 1     zgrep -i wnpp *

see shy jo

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