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Re: debian-multimedia.org considered harmful

On Saturday, March 17, 2012 21:53:18, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Christoph Anton Mitterer <calestyo@scientia.net> writes:
> > In principle you're right,.. but we start to enter a path of doom if we
> > censor ourself like this...
> > 
> > You'll probably be able to find thousands of places in any distro, where
> > some patent troll or content mafia organisations pretend to have
> > "rights" on.
> Hence the Debian patent policy.
> We can't just ignore things like this, nor is it responsible use of
> project resources to openly flaunt disobedience to laws, however
> ill-conceived.  But neither is it Debian policy to seek out trouble when
> that trouble isn't forthcoming.
> If you do want to be part of an organization that openly disobeys stupid
> laws and makes a point of civil disobedience, more power to you.  I
> personally will be cheering you on.  But the Debian Project is not that
> organization, nor is it structured to be that organization (and carefully
> structuring such an organization is important).  The Debian Project has
> other goals, which mostly require that it work within the legal framework
> that it has available while making public statements when that legal
> framework interferes with project goals.

The above explains the whole reason d-m.o exists.

However perhaps it also might explain the tenuous relationship d.o has with  
d-m.o because d.o may need to distance itself from the work d-m.o does.

  -- Chris

Chris Knadle

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