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Re: A DM/DD should know how to watch his mouth (code of conduct).

Sergio Cipolla <secipolla@gmail.com> writes:

> I'm not sure if you're a Debian Maintainer or not (or worse, Debian
> Developer) but this kind of big mouthing shouldn't be accepted from a
> DM/DD.

I don't see a problem. Someone has a strong opinon, and perhaps the way
it came across was a bit harsh, but I don't believe in papering over bad
things by trying to dress them up in fancy words.

As far as I see it, here's how things went: someone installed a package
from a third party repository, that kinda screwed up his system in one
way or the other. So he reported a bug against the Debian package
(despite the recommendation of the 3rd party repository's maintainers,
who clearly stated in the FAQ not to do this), and it got
closed. Perhaps a few strongers words were used than neccessary, but
honestly "crap" is not a word one should be afraid to see.

Some packages - be them in Debian or in third-party repositories - are
far worse than crap. We should not be afraid to call them out on that.

But alas, the story goes further! The reporter does not reopen the
original bug, but files another, with an insult. Further down the
thread, we see this someone using a third party repository, without
seemingly being able to tell it from a normal debian mirror.

I find it strange that someone who edited his own sources.list, would
not take the time to have a look at the site he copied the sources.list
line from, and notice that is by far, not a Debian mirror at all.

Instead, he goes on to insult the maintainers in a manner far crappier
than the way his bug was (rightfully) closed.

Furthermore, a DD/DM need not be aware why a third party source uses an
epoch. And even if they are aware, they need not agree with it.

In any case, a quick glance over the few bugs you linked, I see loads of
problems, and attitude problems, but not from Fabian's side.


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