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Re: Bug#663017: ITP: transmission-remote-cli -- ncurses interface for the Transmission BitTorrent daemon

On 08/03/12 13:59, Jonathan McCrohan wrote:
>> Shouldn't it be included in the transmission-cli package instead?
> I guess it could be included in transmission-cli. I thought
> transmission-remote-cli would be better suited to its own package
> because it a third-party transmission tool, and not part of the
> transmission project itself [1].

I agree it's probably better to have its own package. I also have an ITP
for transmission-remote-gtk, which is in a similar situation.

That being said: I haven't checked the source, but I'm a bit curious
about its use of transmission-remote. Does it depend on specific
input/output formats? Did upstream at some point declare a "stable API"
for using transmission-remote in scripts? I'm just worried this might be
a small nightmare to maintain in the long run...


Leo "costela" Antunes
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