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Re: libidn re-license

* Simon Josefsson:

> It wouldn't hurt, but I'm also not sure if it is worth the work.  If any
> significant application triggered this particular code path, people
> should have noticed the problem a long time ago.  It is at worst an
> easily diagnozed DoS causing the library to busy-loop forever.  All the
> pr29_* functions are affected, but they don't appear to be widely used.

Okay, in that case, an update doesn't seem necessary.

>>> (GPLv2-only and LGPLv3+ are incompatible.)
>> Nowadays, almost all GPLv2-only programs link to library code licensed
>> under the GPLv3 (with a linking exception on the library side), so we
>> pretend that they are, at least to some degree.
> How does that link exception look like?


I don't think the exception makes the version 3 code compatible with
version 2.

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