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adding information to wnpp


I don't know a to maintain a package, and I would be interested to maintain a package I use every day.

First I need to learn how to maintain an easy package. But I don't know how to find one.

Is it possible to sort (and find) packages by the difficulty of its maintainance ?


If every package could contain information about the difficulty of its maintainance,

- Every week on debian-devel the mail about Work-Needing and Prospective Packages could show this information.
   - The PTS could display this information in its general section
   - UDD could order and find packages by difficulty.

Here are the informations I think could be usefull in the wnpp mail (and in the PTS when it is not already there)

1. The name of the team the package belongs to.
   - I hope every package will one day belong to a team.
- I think that each package in wnpp or rfa or rfh should belong to a team (other than QA).

2. the langages you need to know to maintain the package

3. an automatically generated information about the difficulty to maintain the package
Three or more characters which could easily show the difficulty to maintain the package.
AA0 for simple ones.

This information should be generated automatically.

3.1 about the source package
A : a source package generates one binary package
B : a source package generates multiple binary package
C : a source package contains multiple upstream source.
D : used for D-I (udeb)
E : a library
F : a daemon
G : part of the kernel

3.2 about the conffiles and the maintainer script
A : no modification from d-h
B : only one file like copyright or control need attention
E : non trivial maintainer script
F : very difficult maintainer script.

3.3 if the package need to follow some sub-policy
O : none
A : java
B : perl
C : python

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