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Re: dpkg-buildpackage now sets DEB_BUILD_HOST etc for you?

On Fri, 30 Mar 2012, Neil Williams wrote:
> > Honestly I have never seen anyone doing cross-builds and calling
> > debian/rules manually.
> ... only because it *always* fails ....
> I have longed for such support myself at times. It is incredibly
> frustrating to see a cross-build fail 90% of the way through and then
> be faced within having to run the clean target after putting in a test
> fix to an .install file or similar...
> Yes, once all the fixes are in, the actual build is done with
> dpkg-buildpackage. In the meantime, we do need support to be able to
> run individual debian/rules targets within the cross-build environment
> and without having to delete everything you've just cross-compiled.

Since Peter Green also said something similar, let me point out that
dpkg-buildpackage has a "-nc" option which avoids "debian/rules clean"
and thus give similar results to calling "debian/rules build" (or binary) 

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