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Re: [Composer] Creating a music jingle for Debian -> Musical

On 12-03-14 at 11:06am, Adrien Poupin wrote:
> As a composer I would like to help if possible. Apparently there is no 
> login-jingle for Debian, and if I would be pleased to help providing 
> one.
> This could build a auditive identity for this distribution...
> Where should I post the information when I have made it ?

That sounds very exciting!

As others have mentioned already it seems most sensible to try 
coordinate/share such work with the debian-desktop effort which is 
currently quite active.


You could also contact the Debian Multimedia Maintainers.  Especially if 
you are interested also in sharing the sources of such composition 
(whether or not you yourself use Free software to produce it).  
Depending on your approach I guess that could be comparable to layered 
Photoshop images (as source for e.g. PNG) still usable with GIMP.


 - Jonas

Excited to hear (more about) this... :-D

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