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Re: debconf13

vangelis dijo [Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 03:39:39PM +0200]:
> I'll gonna need all of your experience for debconf12 **if**, as i
> hope debconf13 will be in Greece and also the knowledge about
> hotels, conference halls, etc this great event needs to be
> successful.
> Please contact me if debian leadership decides to be in Greece.


I'm sorry, we tried to contact the people that made the bid for DC13
in Greece back in January, but got no reply. Since then, we held two
public IRC meetings, with the final runners being Riga (Latvia) and Le
Camp (Switzerland), and the winning bid was the Swiss one.

I hope you can attend DebConf13 in Switzerland (and, of course,
DebConf12 in Nicaragua) and have interest to get involved in the
organizing team, so that a future DebConf can be held in Greece.

- Gunnar Wolf, DebConf chair/organizer.

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