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creating directories under /run

Unstable has had /run on a tmpfs for a while now and scripts have been changed 
to call mkdir as necessary.

Unfortunately some of the directories are created with the wrong SE Linux 
context and need to have restorecon run on them.

As an example below is the change I needed to make to the xend start script to 
get the correct context.  As there aren't THAT many scripts doing such things 
I could just file bug reports with patches against all of them.  But it seems 
that there is a possibility that things other than SE Linux could be affected 
in future.  Having changes to init scripts is just annoying and it would be 
good to get the issue resolved.  I'd like to make this as easy as possible for 
the people who maintain daemon packages.

# diff xend.orig xend
<       [ -d "$XENSTORED_DIR" ] || mkdir -p "$XENSTORED_DIR"
>       if [ ! -d "$XENSTORED_DIR" ]; then
>               mkdir -p "$XENSTORED_DIR"
>               [ -x /sbin/restorecon ] && /sbin/restorecon "$XENSTORED_DIR"
>       fi

I think it would be good to have a shell script that will create a directory 
under /run and do whatever else is necessary.  So the package maintainer 
doesn't need to care about what really happens, they just have a line like the 

/sbin/make_run_dir "$XENSTORED_DIR"


Another possibility would be to mandate the use of install for such creation, 
it doesn't work correctly at this time (see the above bug) but can be fixed.  
An advantage of this is that it works for directories and files - but it would 
be good to have install create symlinks and pipes.

What do you think?

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