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Re: Re: debian-multimedia.org considered harmful

When the totem law of Kbanga declares that displaying any words with two
consonant clusters is illegal on Fridays, the rest of the world doesn't
suffer.  Being able to pop in a DVD and play it is something an average
person takes for granted.  If oppressive laws in a single country stop a
good part of multimedia functionality, why should that functionality be
taken away from everyone else?

The problem is: decss is illegal in very much more than just the US.
This is a very different situation.

Again, I can understand the reasons, but an average user expects to be able to read dvd or blue-ray or to get a decent multimedia player.

Other distribution do have ways to provide it to their users.

Actually official debian does not offers this and is furthermore criticizing good willing people that try to make Debian useable a multimedia/HTPC system.

Some of the messages asking to help instead of complaining are in my view a bit reverted has debian-multimedia has been providing good package for ages and some debian people did prefer to reinvent the wheel.

You can tomorrow take the packaging done and integrate the non law encumbered packages into normal debian repository or enhance them if it does not strictly adhere to Debian standard.


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