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Re: Bug#631139: mosh ITP not done, just package name taken over

On 25/03/12 16:31, Christoph Egger wrote:
> Hi!
> Christine Spang <christine@spang.cc> writes:
>> I'll talk to David and sponsor his upload if we can agree on an
>> alternate name.
> Make sure to also get the binary renamed (though the scheme one is used
> in shebangs since nearlly half a decade).

If its been used in scripts for nearly half a decade, and its not in
Debian already, it sounds like the user base which would be sad for a
rename would be low.

Anyway, if those scripts were running on Debian systems, then they
probably should be referencing /usr/local/bin if mosh (scheme) was
custom-installed. Therefore a transition to a debian-provided package
would need changes already.

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