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Re: mosh ITP not done, just package name taken over

Andrei POPESCU <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> writes:

> On Ma, 27 mar 12, 08:36:58, David Banks wrote:
>> In the specific case of mosh, I have posted three RFS messages to
>> debian-mentors since filing the ITP, in addition to the creation of the
>> RFS bug after the sponsorship-requests procedure was announced, so the
>> package was certainly being worked on.  However I did not CC the RFS
>> messages to the ITP bug, so they weren't recorded there.  Would this be
>> a recommended practice?  How should it interact with the new
>> sponsorship-requests process?
> Block the ITP bug by the RFS bug?
> Kind regards,
> Andrei

+1. Since RFS are also bugs that seems to be the natural way to connect
the two.



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