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Re: Bug#662840: ITP: wims-java-applets -- applets for modules used by the WIMS server

On 2012-03-06 19:43, Georges Khaznadar wrote:
>   Programming Lang: Java
>   Description     : applets for modules used by the WIMS server
>  This package was formerly made from the source package for wims.
>  However, wims cannot be built completely on architectures which have
>  no JVM available, so it could not enter testing. Hence the separation of the
>  source packages.

Why can't these java package(s) just be not built on "non-java"

I just looked around a bit around with
  build-rdeps openjdk-6-jdk
and then ran rmadison on randomly selected resulting packages to find
some that have Arch: any packages in addition to the java ones ... First
hit was
You may want to take a look at their approach to combine building both
Arch: any and *-java packages from one source. It seems to boil down to
make the java package(s) Arch: some instead of Arch: all.

IIRC splitting source packages to create multiple source packages (or
reintroducing copies of the same source in the archive) is not recommended.

I'm pretty sure the problem of Arch: all packages being not buildable on
all architectures (because some build-deps(-indep) are not available on
all architectures) has been discussed before.


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