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Re: Re: debian-multimedia.org considered harmful

Actually official debian does not offers this and is furthermore
criticizing good willing people that try to make Debian useable in a
multimedia/HTPC system.

official Debian is not criticising anyone here. This is just debian-
devel@l.d.o: some people ranting, some discussing and some totally off
anything and everything. Oh, and occisionally some good stuff too :)

Original part of the post that I found not acceptable is at


Author does not seem to care about people not being able to play dvd or various multimedia format or have good multimedia player because of the strict gpl compliance or stupid law.

Ubuntu at least provide an official package that get libdvdcss from medibuntu...

You must consider your user. You must consider your legal obligation too. Today debian-multimedia is a path that enable to run debian and to still have the necessary tools to make it acceptable for average people for their multimedia tasks.

Author seems also to not remember debian-multimedia was there long before official blessed debian multimedia team even started and decided to go their own way.

Will try to shut up now.

-- eric

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