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Re: Linux kernel hardening - link restrictions

On 02.03.2012 10:47, Holger Levsen wrote:
On Freitag, 2. März 2012, Kees Cook wrote:
> + * The new kernel version includes security restrictions on links, > + These restrictions may cause some legitimate programs to fail. > + In particular, if the 'at' package is installed, you should either: > + - Upgrade it to at least version 3.1.13-1 (or a backport of that)
> +    - Set sysctl fs.protected_hardlinks=0 (see /etc/sysctl.conf)
It's a trivial patch[1] to fix "at". How about just backporting that
change to stable, to avoid that known trouble too? This is what Ubuntu did for the Lucid LTS release that was getting backported kernels (with
link restrictions) built for it.

sounds like a reasonable plan to me, cc:ing debian-release to get a comment
on this, and cc:ing the at maintainer too.



(Predictably enough) I'd like to see a debdiff before a final ack, but in principle it looks okay; thanks.



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